Stability, commitment, dependability, and a real obligation to client service are qualities that can be identified with Turning Point Investigation, solely to help identify and place applicants “most likely to succeed” as investigators, security officers, and process servers.

Turning Point Identifies Best Applicants:
For public contact
To work alone
For complex postsTurning Point Screens Out:
Inability to follow directions
High absenteeism
High turn-over risk

Turning Point is based on two variables universal to all posts, which are:


The importance of interpersonal skills. If a post requires a great deal of public contact, the officer should possess a higher level of social skills, and vice versa.


The complexity of duties. The more complex the duties, the more attentive to detail the employee must be.

Combining these two dimensions allows us to classify four types of post assignments. In turn, these describe four distinct “types” of security officers.

Officers who are comfortable with their posts report more job satisfaction, which contributes to better performance, lower turnover, and fewer problems all around.


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